This Easter I got the opportunity to return to the Huelva coast, intent on catching a few fish from my new The Sikkario float tube. I'd already been fishing there before with another float tube, but I just got the impression that this time things would be better.

The weather was at its worst, and so it was only during the last 3 days that I was able to go out. Once I'd got on the float, the first thing I noticed was that I was really high up, thanks to the inflatable base and seat, which have a great impact on its buoyancy and reduce friction. This float has a really hydrodynamic design and it must be the fastest float that I've ever tried. You can cover great distances with no problem, which is something really important if you're talking about saltwater fishing.

Another test which it successfully passed was how to move out of the wave area. As it's so buoyant, it easily moves over the waves, and you are not so readily soaked by the breakers.

When at sea, you sometimes get into areas with currents. This happened to me in the channel of an estuary, but thanks to the Sikkario I was able to remain on the spot and to return against the current.

What's more, its highly resistant fabric gives you a lot of confidence and can help avoid unpleasant surprises when rubbing against a sharp stone. This is a really important safety feature when saltwater fishing in your float tube.

This powerful model is a hybrid between a traditional float tube and a semi-rigid craft. Thanks to its generous length (length 170 cm/width 100 cm/ bladder diameter 30 cm) and its high loading capacity (up to 180 kilos), you can move around and fish in the height of comfort! The high position of its seat means that you can effortlessly and comfortably either row or paddle for hours on end. Entirely made from 1000 denier polyester coated with three layer thermo-bonded PVC and with reinforced seals. Just like a pneumatic craft, it has no bladders. It features 4 high pressure "Boston" valves, two on the body, one on the seat and another on the floor. For greater stability and floatability, the Sikkario is supplied with an additional inflatable floor on which the seating unit is then mounted (with adjustable seating position). It's equipped with built-in oars and a storage bag behind the seat. It includes backpack-style straps on the base, so that it can be comfortably carried on your back, and carrying handles on the sides and at the bow, to make it easier to handle it on land and put it into the water.

In my opinion, this is now the best float on the market for saltwater fishing.

Even so, before embarking on any adventure, you first need to check the weather report, don't go into waters if you're not sure and have a minimum level of overall fitness. It's also important to "treat it with care" when taking the float out of the water, like any part of your equipment, for a longer useful life.

I didn't catch any more fish, but I was as happy as could be!